How To Use Musically Face Filters

Use Musically Face FiltersThere is nothing more entertaining for teens than enjoying the opportunities of a DIY Musically app. It is a fact that teens find their guilty pleasures in mobile apps, and enjoy in sharing it with a lot of other users. Musically is an application with which you can create your own music-video.

What makes it special is that you can make yourself a perfect impersonator of the pop diva Madonna, or Enrique Iglesias, and many other popular singers! With lip synchronizing and dancing along to some popular music, you create a 15 sec video and let your friends enjoy your video and heart it if they liked it! You can even make a duet with people you follow who follow you back!

If you are just getting started with musically, than it might be a little tricky process for you. Getting to know how to use the application is an easy step, but if you choose to be more professional, then you definitely need to upgrade your app.

How To Use Face Filters In Musically?

To add some popular effects on your video can be a bit of a challenge but it will defnitely help you to get more free musically followers for sure. There is part on a higher level in the app: combining good lightning or hand gestures. The music video effects are also a proof that some of the best features focus on it. But what we want to learn is how to use musically face filters.

First of all, you need to have a device that supports an update for using face filters. All of you are very familiar with that, but if you didn’t know, an iPhone 4s and bellow, an iPod touch 5th Gen and bellow, and iPad 3 and bellow and an iPad mini 2 and bellow don’t support the face filter feature. If your device supports it, than all you have to do is find it on your app, and then download it.

Steps To Follow

After downloading it, the next thing you need to do is locate it on the app. If you have already done that, than you can probably notice an icon on the right side that appears as a smiley. If you click on it, than it will give a lot of face filters bellow. Try out the first one that comes out.

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After recording yourself for a few seconds, you can finally check and see how the face filter feature is working. There are many options for face filtering, which means it would be really fun for young teens!

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